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Known first as Halicarnassus and later as Bodrum, as Homer calls it “the land of eternal blue”, has always been a city that could not be shared and fought for throughout the history. Bodrum is a famous town with its citadel rising on the peninsula consisting of east and western harbors, whitewashed houses located on both sides of the two harbors, its ancient cisterns, bougainvilleas, lilies, and narrowest streets ending by the sea shore, worldwide renowned yachts and shipyards. Bodrum is a tourism center to live both in summer and winter not only popular with Turkey but all around the world.
We start our tour in Bodrum Citadel as it is the most important symbol of Bodrum which is one of the few citadels that lasted intact since 15th century. Having been a witness to different cultures, wars and many years, this life experience adds character to the citadel. The citadel was built for St. Jean Knights consisting of three sets of walls within each other and 5 towers. The church built during the reign of the Knights had been converted into a mosque in 1525 and a Turkish bath was added into it in 1895.

Underwater Archaeology Museum located in the Bodrum Citadel is opened in 1964 which is the first and only underwater museum in the world and Turkey. Most attractive and exciting section of the museum without a doubt is the section where three separate ship wrecks are in display.

One of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World is the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus and greets its visitors as one of the most important historical sites of Bodrum. Bodrum Mausoleion Open Air Museum hosted the tomb site of Carian King Mausolos. Most important architects if their time built the tomb in 353 BC upon the orders by Queen Artemisia II.
In the place of the 42 meter high mausoleum destroyed almost to the ground during the Major Anatolian Earthquake and known as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World is replaced by a small museum today. Most of the stones used in the Mausoleion are used in the construction of Bodrum Citadel. Stones with relieves on them have been taken to British Museum by the British in 19th century.

Another major ancient site from Hellenistic times located in Bodrum is the Ancient Amphitheatre and known for most organized events taking place especially during summer months. The amphitheatre built on the slope of a hill allows you to enjoy a magnificent view of Bodrum as well as experiencing different emotions knowing that you are seated in an ancient structure built BC. 

Myndos Gate which is one of the two entry points of Halicarnassus is located at the Western part of Bodrum. Only remnants of the wall structure survived until today. Alexander the Great entered through this gate in 333 BC to conquer the city and managed to conquer it after a very strenuous resistance defeated.

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