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Miracles of Istanbul offers you an ultimate cruise experience on the Mediterranean with a large scale of luxury boats and handmade wooden gulets (traditional Turkish, wooden, sailing boat). Our experienced team will be more than happy to assist you to find the best gulet that will suit your itinerary and budget. You can relax on the boat and feel the warm see breeze while we take care of all your needs on land and at sea.

In our fleet, gulets vary from 15 meters to 55 meters, 3 cabins to 16 cabins, 2 crew members to 8 crew members. We present the yachts in our gulet fleet under four main categories: Ultra Luxury, Luxury, Standard Plus, and Standard. Our gulets are built traditionally by local carpenters; they are handmade, wooden, motor sailors. According to our customers’ feedback, we have recently decided to add motoryachts to our fleet.
Our yachts offer a high standard of safety and comply with local government and international regulations. These regulations are monitored thoroughly by the coastguard and harbor masters.
Please contact us to select your boat from our large portfolio.

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