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Bodrum, a seaside town on the Aegean, has a marina filled with smart yachts, a quay lined with restaurants and bars, and a warren of narrow streets crammed with jewellery shops, boutiques and artisan outlets. It sits on a coastline of pristine beaches and quiet coves.

Located on the southern coast of the Bodrum Peninsula with its Mediterranean climate, azure blue waters, dozens of yellow and white sandy beaches, mega yacht marinas and bustling nightlife, the city of Bodrum and its surrounding areas has something for everyone. Whether you like to spend your time surfing and sunning yourself, spiking your adrenalin with ‘heart in your mouth’ activities or you prefer to soak up the local culture and Turkish life, Bodrum is the perfect place. 

A City for Culture Vultures

There is history and culture everywhere you look in Bodrum, from the castle that dominates the skyline, to the archaeology that lay at the bottom of the bays and the Mediterranean sea that surround the city.

As a place where people have lived continuously for thousands of years Bodrum has an incredibly deep history. Its position in or near so many of the great civilizations and events of ancient history also makes Bodrum (Bodrum’s ancient name was Halicarnassus) an important site for historians.


The Stunning Beaches

Bodrum has dozens of beautiful spots, which will spoil the beach bums of the world, from cozy unspoiled coves and bays to long stretches of sand with adrenaline pumping water sports.

There’s an enticing area between Bitez and Gumbet, called Aquarium Bay, which is primarily visited by day boats from the nearby harbours. This area used to attract a lot of fish, hence it’s name, but the continual arrival and departure of boat traffic has scared most of them off. The water is crystal clear aqua marine, and glorious for swimming in.


The Gumbet beach is a kilometre of golden sand which curves around the bay of Gumbet. There isn’t a type of person who wouldn’t find a second home here; if you want to relax in the sun on a towel, sun bed or under an umbrella, if you want to partake in extreme water sports or just need some spray to brush off last night’s hangover, if you want to bring the family to take advantage of the safe swimming and shallow waters, or if you just want to sit in a beach bar and chat to other holidaymakers, the Gumbet beach will cater for you.


Gümüşlük is a beach for culture vultures and snorkelers, where it is still possible to see in places, the underwater remains of the old harbor, which connected Tavsan Island to the mainland. As you drive towards Gümüşlük Bay from the North, you’ll be rewarded with glorious views of the Gümüşlük Bay. The end of the peninsula curves around, to create a secluded bay, and in the middle of the vista is Rabbit Island.

The majority of visitors heading to Gümüşlük, drive straight through the village and head directly to the fresh fish restaurants lining the harbour.


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